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calor insoportable

  • 37 grados en Buenos Aires

    Too hot, this town is too hot
    Now they're calling for their guns
    About to spoil the rude boys' fun
    But rude boys never give up their guns
    It's too hot

    4e66388552b369ad8cb7ecab409f4863.jpgNo man, can tell them what to do
    Pound for pound, they say they're ruder than you
    They are the boss, and no back down
    You might have a couple you like
    Choose your burial sight
    Take insurance, make up your will
    Come out and tell them, find them

    The soldiers came back to you without them
    The police force are afraid, they can't even touch them
    They say "You think you're bad? Why don't you come out yourself"
    These boys are calling for a fight, fighting tonight they don't lie
    It's too hot

    Too hot, too hot
    Too hot, too hot
    Too hot, too hot
    Too hot, too hot